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REVIEW: Wreck It Ralph

REVIEW: Wreck It Ralph

From 8 bit to millions of pixels, video games have been a huge part of the last 4 decades. Whether a bouncy plumber or an all-out war simulation, we have wanted to control and play our cares away. While unbeknownst to us, there is a whole wide world on the other side of the glass. 

New and old games have their own lives when the arcade closes, one of the most long-lived games in the arcade being Fixit Felix Jr. (Jack Macbrayer). And though not the title character of the game, our story follows a down and out video villain named Wreck-it Ralph (John C. Reilly), a guy with no friends in his game and only a trash heap to live in.

Seeing that the hero always gets a better life, Ralph leaves his game to find his medal and become a genuine hero. And while his intentions are good for him, they cause others major trouble as he crashes into other games like Heroes’ Duty with a no-nonsense sergeant (Jane Lynch), then he stumbles into a candy-themed racing game where he meets a quirky female character named Glitch (Sarah Silverman).

As Ralph takes his multi-game adventure, the first thing he learns is, being a hero ain't easy.

My review for this movie is as simple as the first level of Tetris. Wreck-it Ralph is pieced together with many arcade and home memories of video games past. The humor is spot-on with the characters as they play not only the type-cast, but their own mildly programmed personalities. Fun for parents and kids alike with humor hitting every age; and while not a "Pixar" movie. I think it beats out most of the dull and over-promoted animated films we've seen this year.

P.S. - 3D and regular are both great!

Grade: B+

Rating: PG

Movie Trailer - Wreck-it Ralph

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