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New Year Resolution: Save Money

4 Ways to Put Money Back Into Your Pocket

This year, many of us have resolved to save more money in light of the economic climate. Although images of Mr. Scrooge may stirke fear in your hearts, take a couple of moments to evaluate your current livestyle. You can stay financially savvy without crippling your social life. 

Here's some alternatives to help save some green:

1. How much TV are you really watching? My husbad and I battle out this question continuously. Eight hours a day at the job, a kid, a dog, movies, video games, dates--are you really watching all 200 channels of TV? These are fair questions to ask! If you aren't home for 14 hours a day, you might be able to do without the tube. 

Some of my favorite TV series are now available on subsciptions like Netflix and Hulu for less than $10 a month. Both these services offer limited advertising. (Goodbye, Mr. Clean ads!) All you need is an internet connection. If you bundle, use can the savings to upgrade your internet speed...or switch carriers all together.

If you are concerned about losing local media, purchase an HD antenna. The quality is great and $60 will get you decent equipment. 

2. Use it, Reuse it, or throw it out! 

Reuse: This is especially great to remember after getting all those gifts you already own. Too many colorful dorm trash cans for graduation? Flip them over for  table. Decorate empty tins or teacups for organizational projects. 

Throw it out: I don't mean the trash here. If you aren't using it, use your resources! Post on Facebook for free advertising. Sell it on Ebay or in the "vintage" section of Etsy. Be reasonable with your pricing and you'll make some extra cash. 

3. Can you make it?  Know your skill level. If it will take you 7 tries to get it right, it will cost more in the long run. Decorate empty tins or teacups for organization. Look up cleaning product recipes to sanitize without harsh chemicals. You can find all kinds of these recipes online. 

4. Talents = $$$  Are you really great with dogs? Offer to walk your busy neighbor's dog for quick $10-$20 a week. Freelance or barter! Can't afford those concert tickets? Ask a venue if they need help with street teams in exchange for tickets. Find something that works for you. 

Take some time this week to work these into your routine. Let us know if you have any additional ways to save! 



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