Frugal Friday


Are you virtually thrifty?

You may be clipping coupons every Sunday, but are you saving in cyberspace? If you are web savvy, these websites could save you hundreds of dollars a year.


If you’re really strapped for cash, this is a great site to explore. This platform allows for users to trade goods, services, and even real estate. Users are willing to barter everything from acupuncture services to boats in exchange for an item on their wish list.  Every item or service is listed with an estimated value, a description, and a wishlist. You can opt for verification at $10. This non-recurring fee enhances security so you can trade with confidence.


Pros: The site operates on a three-step barter process before fully committing to the trade. Most trading on this site is free. Fees are charged for specific categories, most of them involving larger trades like cars or boats.


Con: Tax implications of bartering still exist.



This website is, in my opinion, a better version of Craigslist. Users can upload photos of items and recycle unwanted their items. No trade is needed!


Pro: These are free items! No cash involved here.


Con: Like Craigslist, use at your own risk. Take reasonable measures to protect yourself.


If you’ve been hanging on to textbooks for years, invest some time on this site. The community allows you to connect with others specifically looking for textbooks. Make money by selling or renting your textbooks or save money by renting.


Pro: Textbook Revolt will not sell your personal information to a third party. Standard damage, late, and shipping fees apply.


Con: Textbook Revolt retains 33% of all transactions.


Shopaholic on a budget? This is your new homepage! This fashionista community will allow you to trade your with others worldwide! Trade for free (minus the shipping).  You can post items to swap or sell accessories, clothes, shoes, maternity items, kids items, and even some entertainment items. One $10 membership fee will give you all-access to swap merchandise and verify your membership.


Pro: A one time membership fee of $10 for unlimited swaps is a fraction of the average woman pays for one fashion item.

Bonus: The site has been recommended by Oprah. 


Con: Swapping cosmetics may put you at risk for bacteria and other hygienic issues.


Take some time to visit these sites and save money! 


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